Discovering The Island - Aside from the historic landmarks, ruins, new buildings and structures in Corregidor, there is actually more to see and discover within the island. Joining the short guided tour of Corregidor is just not enough to see the many other hidden or less seen scenic sights. To really enjoy one's stay in Corregidor, more time is needed to experience all that it has to offer. The whole island is green all over with its forest and lush vegetation. There are a variety of flowers and orchids and a few animals such as monkeys, wild native chicken and birds that have been brought over to populate the island. Although most of the roads in the island are two-lane concrete pavements, there is no traffic, no traffic lights and signs, not even a single policeman ... simply because there are only a few vehicles that are primarily used for transporting visitors around the island plus those that are used for maintaining the grounds and facilities of the island. And most of all, the peace and quiet, the beautiful sunrise, and magnicent sunset are some of the treats that visitors who come to Corregidor will truly appreciate. It is so different from what the residents of nearby Metro Manila, Mariveles, and Cavite experience daily in their lives. Portrayed below are fifty-one photographs of only a few of the numerous sights and scenic vistas that the Island of Corregidor has to offer.

Photos of Other Scenic Views of The Island
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The Banca Tour - This tour usually departs at the vicinity of Lorcha Dock and goes around the Island of Corregidor in a counterclockwise direction. The small motorized vessel, which could accommodate about eight persons, initially heads westward towards Battery Point. At the vicinity of Morrison Point and with the South China Sea in the horizon, choppy waters are encountered which could be uncomfortable for those who are not accustomed to travelling by sea. It is here that one could really get seasick when the big waves start to pound on the banca's starboard side. The banca then veers in a southwest direction and heads for Rock Point. Next it heads southward in the direction of the Province of Cavite and veers in a southeast direction towards Wheeler Point and Searchlight Point. Nothing much is seen of Corregidor from the sea at this location except its high and steep cliffs and the dense forest and vegetation that covers the island.

After passing Geary Point, the banca then proceeds in a northeasterly direction and heads for the South Dock. As the vessel approaches the dock, the Bottomside sector of Corregidor and Malinta Hill become visible from the bow end of the banca. The banca then proceeds in an easterly course towards the southern tip of Hooker Point which is at the tail end of Corregidor. From the banca's starboard side, the Philippine Navy installation at Caballo Island is clearly visible while on the port side Corregidor Island Resort can easily be recognized. After the banca circles around Hooker Point it then heads northwest towards North Point which is just below the Kindley Airfield. From the sea, it appears that the Tail End of Corregidor has a lower elevation and the cliffs are not as steep as those found at the western part of the island. The remaining leg of the tour goes through Cavalry Point and then on to Infantry Point before finally returning back to Lorcha Dock. For the more daring individuals who love the sea, the P1,500.00-peso (about $30.00) fee to rent the banca for a tour around Corregidor will prove to be an exciting and worthwhile experience. It takes about two hours to circumnavigate the whole island.

Photos of The Banca Tour Around Corregidor
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