Local and foreign tourists visit Corregidor almost the whole year round, except during typhoons and inclement weather conditions. Sun Cruises, a tour company operating from the old Hoverferry terminal near the Cultural Center of the Philippines Complex along Roxas Boulevard, provides ferry services to Corregidor. Its booking office can be contacted at 831-8140 or 834-6857. The cost of the tour includes roundtrip ferryboat transfers, shrine and terminal fees, guided island tour, and lunch. There is a scheduled trip that departs from Manila daily at 8:00 a.m. and arrives in Corregidor a little over an hour. The air-conditioned ferryboat is clean, well maintained, and operated by an efficient and reliable crew who follow an on-time arrival and departure schedule. Onboard the boat are pretty female stewardesses who look into the needs and comfort of the passengers.

Departure From Manila
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Upon arrival at the North Dock of Corregidor, pre-war type streetcars called “tramvias” pick up the visitors for a guided and narrated tour on the island. Included in the tour is a complimentary lunch buffet at the Corregidor Hotel where visitors on the day tour take their noon break before continuing on with their tour in the afternoon. The visitors are then taken back to the ferryboat for their return trip to Manila that departs from Corregidor at 2:30 p.m. There is also tour package which allows visitors desiring to stay overnight or an extended number of days at the Corregidor Hotel.

Arrival in Corregidor
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The tour of Corregidor allows visitors to see the different geographic sectors of the island which includes Topside, Middleside, Bottomside, the Tail End, and Malinta Hill. Some of the important landmarks and scenic attractions that visitors are taken to include: The Mile-Long Barracks, Old Spanish Lighthouse, Pacific War Memorial, Gen. MacArthur Park, Filipino-American Friendship Park, Filipino Heroes Memorial, Middleside Barracks, Parade Ground, Malinta Tunnel, and a number of gun emplacements.

Visitors who come to Corregidor are rewarded with the opportunity to learn on site about the historical and patriotic significance of this small tadpole-shaped island. It allows one not only a chance to learn from the lessons of the past but also to relive the heroism and sacrifices of the American and Filipino soldiers who defended the island against invading Japanese forces during the Second World War.